/ 15 May 2024

Tech giants b(AI)ttle it out

Open AI

A day before Google announced its latest artificial intelligence (AI) developments at a conference in the US, OpenAI launched its latest version of ChatGPT. It’s called GPT-4o, with the ‘o’ standing for “omni” which represents the LLM’s (that’s ‘large language model’…) ability to read text, audio and video – which lets it read facial expressions – in the same conversation. Founder Sam Altman has described it as being “like AI from the movies”, saying “talking to a computer has never felt really natural for me; now it does”. As for what that means, the tech’s updated voice assistant is capable of “realistic” conversations, which lets the user interrupt like they would in real-life conversations. Reports say that will usher in “chatty and sometimes even flirtatious” dialogue between humans and tech. It’s a brave new world…

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