/ 20 September 2023

Not on my turf

Image source: Getty
Image source: Getty

Canadian PM Justin made a big allegation yesterday, blaming the Indian state for a murder on Canadian soil last year. Back in June, Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar was killed in the carpark of a place of worship by 2 masked men. Singh (yes, we’re getting into the weeds here…) advocated for creating a separate Sikh nation called Khalistan in India’s Punjab state – activism that saw the Indian Government declare him a terrorist. And for some context, in India about 80% of the population are Hindus, while Sikhs make up less than 2%. Indian officials say Trudeau’s allegation of murder is “absurd” and accused Canada of providing shelter to “Khalistani terrorists and extremists.” But Trudeau said the killing of a Canadian citizen on home soil was “an unacceptable violation of our sovereignty”. Canada expelled an Indian diplomat/accused spy, and in return India kicked out a top Canadian diplomat.

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