/ 07 November 2023

Gaza City encircled by Israel’s ground troops

Image source: Unsplash
Image source: Unsplash

Israel’s military spokesman last night said its forces had fully encircled Gaza City, effectively dividing the Palestinian territory in 2. Over the last week, Israel called on Gazans to get out of the area, and more than a week into its ground operations, Gaza City has been cut off from the south. Analysts say the Israeli military’s main focus is on the densely built-up areas and the nearby Jabalia and al-Shati refugee camps because they believe they are the main Hamas stronghold. Israel says it has hit 450 “targets” in the past day after intense bombing of the area. “We are carrying out a large attack on terrorist infrastructure both below and above ground,” Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the Israeli military’s chief spokesman, said. And as Arab leaders’ calls for a ceasefire continue to go nowhere, United Nations agencies updated their figures – they say 1.5 million people have been displaced by the war, and the average Palestinian is now living on 2 slices of bread a day.

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