/ 06 September 2023

Big boys and their big toys

Image source: Getty
Image source: Getty

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is planning a rare trip out of the Hermit Kingdom to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss selling weapons to Russia, according to new intelligence out of the US. The backstory here is that Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu travelled to Pyongyang in July to try to buy artillery, and since then, reports say Putin and Kim have exchanged diplomatic letters. Shoigu has also recently said North Korea could be invited into Russia-China war games. As for the when/where of a meeting between Kim and Putin: this month in Vladivostok. Reports say Putin is looking for shells and anti-tank missiles, and North Korea is in the market for technology for satellites and submarines, as well as aid for the nation following a chronic food shortage brought on by a drought and tight border controls. The US says North Korea will “pay a price” for supplying weapons to Russia.

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