/ 20 June 2024

Party in Pyongyang

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to North Korea kicked up a gear yesterday as Kim Jong Un threw him a massive parade in Pyongyang before the pair signed an agreement vowing to help each other in the event of “aggression” against either country. That followed a lavish ceremony featuring song and dance routines and a 21-gun salute. The spectacle was broadcast on Russian TV while North Korean state media reported the pair shared their “pent-up inmost thoughts”. Putin thanked North Korea’s “consistent and unwavering support” in response to Kim expressing “full support” for Russia’s war in Ukraine – which he’s accused of providing weapons for in exchange for food and aid. Reports say the show of unity is intended to annoy the US which has imposed sanctions on both nations as Putin promised to “develop alternative trade and mutual settlement mechanisms not controlled by the West”.

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