/ 13 May 2021

Suez to widen the gap

In a bid to avoid another Ever Given-style fiasco, the Egyptian Government has announced plans to widen parts of the Suez Canal. The narrow southern section that the mega container ship was lodged in for 6 days will be expanded by 2.5 metres and deepened 40 metres. Which doesn’t seem like a lot, but we’re no engineers… The plan will also see the waterway’s second lane extended by another 10km, which will allow more vessels to pass through. Where is the Ever Given now, we hear you ask? It is still being held in the canal 6 weeks after the crisis, thanks to a dispute between the ship’s owners and the waterway’s operators over costs. The channel, which stretches between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, sees about 10% of global trade pass through on 19,000 vessels a year.

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