/ 14 June 2024

Summit Paradiso


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The 3-day G7 Summit featuring leaders from the world’s most advanced economies – the US, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and Canada – known as the G7, began in Italy overnight at the celeb-favourite Borgo Egnazia resort. It’s a big event in the international political calendar as one of few occasions where so many leaders meet in person, and this year, the ongoing conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine are at the top of the agenda. Unlike previous years, Australia hasn’t been invited, but for the first time, the Pope will attend to talk about global regulation of artificial intelligence, warning of its danger to ethics and human rights.

What does the G7 do?

The annual event sees members discuss major global economic and international security issues. The host nation can also invite other world leaders, which this year includes Ukraine, India, and the European Council. The packed agenda also includes climate change, energy and economic security. One of the first big developments from the conference has been a 10-year security pact between the US and Ukraine. And plans are being hatched for a US$50 billion loan for Ukraine using the interest generated from frozen Russian assets. The group is also expected to back the United Nations’ Gaza ceasefire proposal and talk about how China’s flooding the market with certain products and its support for Russia. Host PM Georgia Meloni will also spruik Italy’s investment projects in Africa, which it hopes will encourage youngsters to stay put rather than (often illegally) migrate to Europe.

So what are we up to?

We’ve got enough going on this weekend at home with Chinese Premier Li Qiang’s visit. It’s a really big deal for us as it’s the first time a Chinese Premier has visited in 7 years. China is our largest trading partner, so despite a recent troubled past, efforts are being made on both sides to rebuild a working relationship. Qiang is currently across the ditch in New Zealand but will arrive in Adelaide tomorrow night. And on Sunday, he might announce a new pair of diplomacy pandas for the city’s zoo if Fu Ni hasn’t got her “panda twerk” on by then… 

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