/ 26 February 2024

Trump’s home run against Haley

Image source: Flickr
Image source: Flickr

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Former US President Donald Trump has won the Republican primary in South Carolina, beating his last remaining rival Nikki Haley in her home state. He’s gained 60% of the vote, leaving Haley – his Ambassador to the United Nations – in his wake. The result was called almost as soon as polls closed, and it’s the fourth state to go to Trump after Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. Despite the defeat, Haley has vowed to keep fighting, saying she doesn’t “believe Donald Trump can beat Joe Biden”. For Trump’s part, he says the party has never been “so unified” behind him.

So Trump is a shoo-in?

Looks that way… Pundits say it would be tough for Haley to gain the Republican nomination now. That hasn’t deterred the 52yo who said she promised to keep going and “I’m a woman of my word”. On Friday, her team said it was spending a “7-figure” sum on campaign ads ahead of next week’s Super Tuesday when 15 states and one territory will vote. She’s also continuing her cross-country tour, hitting Michigan ahead of its primary tomorrow. But it could all be for nought unless something catastrophic rocks Trump’s campaign… That could include his legal fights – including 91 felony charges and increasingly vast legal fees and fines. Conventional wisdom says that would tank his chances, but so far, it’s reinvigorated his support base.

And Biden’s still saddling up for the Democrats? 

Yep… the President is still likely to be their candidate even though recent polling shows he’s unpopular, particularly among young voters. That’s a problem because Trump is, and it’s one reason why the polls show him as having the edge. Biden’s advancing age is seen as part of the problem – you’ll remember a couple of weeks ago, we went over a report that raised concerns he’s not fit for another 4-year stint in the White House… Despite those issues, party high-ups reckon there isn’t anyone who could replace the 81yo at this point, so it’s increasingly likely a repeat of the 2020 election will be run on 5 November. That’s seen commentators say the vote will be about “which man Americans think is the least bad option”.

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