/ 03 July 2024

Tick tock for big tech

social media

In the push to protect kids from online harm, eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant has given the tech industry a deadline to do better. Social media, adult websites, search engines, and others have until October to come up with a code for how they’ll stop kids viewing adult content on their platforms/devices. That includes “reasonable efforts” to verify users’ age, safe search and parental controls, and filtering/blurring inappropriate content. Several industry bodies will be involved in the development of the new rules, which Grant says ensures “there isn’t a single point of failure”. But she’s also warned there will always be some “rogue” sites that “are never going to comply”. The new codes could be enforceable as soon as mid-2025. It comes as a new report has exposed the dangers of how graphic content has changed how young people treat their intimate partners.

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