/ 03 June 2024

A pawsitively wholesome move


Has there ever been a cuter social media trend? The “paws-in” challenge is a simple/adorable task where 2 people sit with a pooch, stack their hands in the centre, and see if their furry friend will put a paw in the pile. The trend has gone barking mad, with one compilation of clips viewed over 32 million times. So why do dogs get involved? Experts reckon it’s a mix of their ability to mimic human behaviour, love of attention, and training history. On that last point, dogs that do it right away are probably used to giving their humans a paw to do things like ‘shaking hands’ or getting their claws trimmed. But more than that, our puppers are “super interactive and very in tune with their people,” says Harvard University’s Julia Espinosa. Now to get our best mate to stop licking the whole of the kitchen floor at night… 

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