/ 24 August 2021

Aussies on an EV ride as solar shines

Solar-generated electricity exceeded that generated by burning coal on Australia’s main power grid for the first time. That happened on Sunday, and it was for a few minutes as low demand and sunny skies saw coal-fired power drop to a record low of 9,315 megawatts while solar provided 9,427 megawatts. Getting Australia’s power mix right is #complicated with coal-fired generators providing reliable/dispatchable power (ie it doesn’t need sun/wind to pump out electricity). But last year, 27.7% of Australia’s total electricity generation came from renewable sources, and that is set to grow again this year, experts say. Meanwhile, electric vehicle sales have soared in 2021. In the first half of the year, 8,688 EVs were sold compared to 6,900 for the whole of 2020. State government incentives and more affordable models coming onto the market are behind the drive towards quiet cars.

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