/ 01 October 2021

Blown away in Bathurst

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 6.18.46 am

If it’s not earthquakes, it’s tornadoes… NSW’s Central West was hit by a ‘supercell’ of wild weather yesterday afternoon and for residents northeast of Bathurst, that came in the form of a tornado that caused a line of damage extending almost 30km. Two homes were demolished, 3 people were injured, hundreds of trees were uprooted, and fences were wrapped around power poles – the pictures are incredible… Weather Bureau forecaster Gabrielle Woodhouse says tornadoes are “reasonably rare” but “not completely out of the question”. They are a “very localised phenomena, so it’s quite difficult to be able to predict those well in advance of time,” she said. We should get a sense of the size of the bill later today.

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