/ 04 May 2022

Playing house to get harder

Image source: Getty
Image source: Getty

The Climate Council says one in 25 homes in Oz are at high risk of becoming effectively uninsurable by 2030. That number rises to more than one in 10 homes in the most affected regions, including parts of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Shepparton in Victoria, Ballina in NSW and Port Adelaide in South Oz. The new report says that the risk is highest from flooding, but bushfire risk will also push insurance premiums higher. When a property becomes ‘effectively uninsurable’, it means insurance premiums are unaffordable to average homeowners. Queensland tops the list with 193,000 properties, followed by NSW with 148,000. Boss of the Insurance Council Andrew Hall says the research should prompt a conversation about how to build more adaptable homes and think about land use differently. He says that “no area is uninsurable, but the question becomes what price do you pay in insurance when the risk is very high?”

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