/ 09 September 2021

KFC’s breadless innovation, best drone pic crowned, and a town full of scarecrows…

Image source: KFC
Image source: KFC

A hat tip to Colonel Sanders on his birthday. Whether it’s hosting weddings, making candles that smell like its trademark gravy, or designing special edition Crocs – KFC pulls out a PR winner every so often. The latest innovation – a chicken burger with salami and cheese. Note: the chicken fillets are the buns

Speaking of birds… Growing up, we had geese – Gordon and his 2 lady friends Gilda and Gertrude. So we can firmly attest that the honking trio and their offspring came nowhere near the majesty of these geese who helped win the award for drone photo of the year.

Speaking of majestic scenes – a Queensland town full of scarecrows qualifies, right?

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