/ 10 June 2021

Showing mice the cheese

Not a delicious cheddar, but cash. And no, the NSW Government isn’t paying the many mice across the state to disappear… It yesterday stumped up $100 million to help communities and businesses affected by the mouse plague, including via a 50% rebate of up to $10,000 on bait purchases for farmers. The funding is on top of last month’s $50 million support package and follows calls from farmers groups and the CSIRO for more assistance with experts warning the plague will continue to eat into livelihoods despite a winter cold snap. While there are hopes the high-strength baits will help curb rodent numbers, conservation groups are worried about their use after reports emerged of mass bird deaths in Parkes last week. Experts say there is some overlap of areas where the government wants to lay potent baits with the known locations of threatened bird species. Nothing’s simple…

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