/ 11 July 2024

But I only had an entree…


Nothing ruins a good meal like that awkward moment when the bill arrives and people start quibbling about who had what… Thankfully, some experts have shared solutions to avoid it. These include choosing a “Designated Dave” – aka the person who will pay the bill upfront. Everyone else then transfers their share to ‘Dave’ after you leave, avoiding messy public scenes and multiple card surcharges. Just ensure you don’t leave Dave in the lurch and have a fast/painless way to transfer cash using an app or bank transfer… Also, make it clear upfront if you’re off booze – and if you are enjoying a tipple, don’t expect others to contribute. Following these steps should help you enjoy the meal and save you a few bucks, which, according to a new study, will improve your sleep. Everyone’s a winner…

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