/ 30 May 2024

Pass me a beret and a paintbrush


If you’ve ever wanted to draw someone like one of Leo’s French girls but don’t know where to begin, visual artist Kim Leutwyler has some tips to get your sketching started… The 7-time Archibald finalist has 5 stages for the perfect portrait. First, select the right “sitter” – aka muse – for your artwork, someone who’s got the time and inclination to share themselves with the world. Stage 2, figure out the composition – how they will sit and what they’ll wear (or not…). Next, paint the background first – revolutionary we know. Stage 4 – sketch your figure elsewhere first, then copy that onto the canvas. And finally, bring your sitter back for a final session to make the tweaks of perfection, et voila! We’d also like to suggest stage 6 – toast yourself with a glass of wine for a job well done. We can’t even draw a straight line so it might be a while before we get to have a drink…

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