/ 15 December 2021

A super effort at predicting some heroes’ futures

Image source: Marvel Studios
Image source: Marvel Studios

What do you do if you’re a geriatric medicine researcher who’s in lockdown? Like many people with time on their hands over the last couple of years, you watch a few Marvel movies. For Ruth Hubbard of Queensland Uni, that experience led to a new line of inquiry. She wanted to know how the Superheroes might age given the physical and dangerous nature of their vocation. And so Black Widow, Iron Man, Black Panther, Spider-Man and the Hulk got a look over, and let’s just say things don’t look great for the big green guy, but Wakandans appear to be vegetarians, so it was a tick for Black Panther. There are lessons for all of us – regular exercise, social engagement, a healthy diet, abstaining from smoking, moderating alcohol all play a part in having happy older years. Oh, and avoiding head injuries also helps, Hubbard says.

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