/ 27 July 2021

Vale Dieter Brummer

If you were a teen in the 90s, you’d likely remember Dieter Brummer. The actor played Shane Parrish in Home and Away – a spunkrat who paired up with runaway Angel (aka Melissa George). The characters met when no-good Angel rocked into Summer Bay and sold counterfeit Frente! tickets to Shane. And we could go on about their tragic love story, suffice to say, they became a beloved Aussie screen couple despite really getting on each other’s goat when the camera wasn’t on… Brummer took home 2 Silver Logies for his efforts in 1995-96, and he went on to appear in several Aussie TV series, including Neighbours and Underbelly. But securing an ongoing acting career was challenging, he said in 2014. “It’s hard for producers or casting agents not to remember. I’m still ‘that bloke from Home and Away’ 20 years later.” Yesterday, his family confirmed Brummer died at home on Saturday at 45yo, and police said the circumstances weren’t suspicious. His family said he was “​​handsome, talented, funny, complicated and beloved”.

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