/ 23 November 2021

A trio of illuminating studies


• Last year, the number of newborns in the US fell for the 5th consecutive year to a 40-year low. The Pew Research Centre found that the number of Americans who are childless by choice is growing – most (56%) say they didn’t want to get into the rug rat game.

• Know anyone who has a whole thing about sniffing babies? Scientists have discovered a molecule in the smell of babies’ heads that they say reduces aggression in men but increases it in women, fuelling her protective instincts. Powerful stuff…

• And Israeli scientists have developed a new lie detector they claim has a 73% success rate. While TV show-worthy polygraphs track heart rate and blood pressure, the new test detects tiny changes in facial muscles that indicate if someone is lying. Which means we probably have to rethink our trademark wink…

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