/ 23 October 2023

An out of this world find


The NSW town of Deniliquin might be best known for its annual Deni Ute Muster, but there’s another feather to add to its cap… Scientists reckon they’ve found the world’s largest impact crater buried under millions of years of sediment. The crater is said to be about 520 kilometres in diameter, and experts believe it could have been left by an asteroid’s crash to Earth about 420 million years ago. If that’s the case, the study’s lead author/NSW Uni Professor Andrew Glikson says it would have caused an ice age, killing up to 85% of the species here at the time. To prove its sky-high origins, scientists will have to drill down and collect samples for testing, with geologist Tony Yeates saying it might shed light on the history of life on Earth. Little old Deni, eh?

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