/ 23 December 2021

That’s a big egg…

Image source: AFP
Image source: AFP

Scientists have discovered the perfectly preserved fossil of a dinosaur embryo preparing to hatch from its egg more than 66 million years ago. Found in Ganzhou in southern China in 2000, the egg has been kept in storage at a local museum, and it wasn’t until researchers began sorting through the collection that they discovered what was inside. It’s been called “the best dinosaur embryo ever found in history”, and it’s believed to be a prehistoric bird with the embryo in a ‘tucking’ position – something our feathered friends do before they hatch. “This indicates that such behaviour in modern birds first evolved and originated among their dinosaur ancestors,” researcher Dr Fion Waisum Ma said. There are hopes the discovery will help scientists ​​understand how close early birds are to those we see today.

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