Three Minute Squiz

Three Minute Squiz With… Russel Howcroft

We could spend this entire intro trying to encapsulate Russel Howcroft’s diverse bio but instead we’ll simply say that he is an advertising guru (think Gruen) and corporate exec (he is the Chief Creative Officer with PwC) with an interest in pies (he, wife Kate and her sister Anna run Caspers Pies) and footy (he […]

12 February 2019

Three Minute Squiz With… Annie O’Rourke

Annie O’Rourke is a former political adviser who traded in the corridors of power for a life in Byron Bay before it was uber-cool. Ten years on, she runs a successful communications business and AI startup. And points for honesty – she’s the first Squizer to admit she listens to The Squiz Today podcast unclad. And we don’t think she’s the only one… Please welcome Annie to the Three Minute Squiz. 

6 February 2019

Hitting your spam folder sucks

Follow these steps to make sure our morning email has the best chance of getting into your inbox every weekday morning. Apple mail users Tap on our email address at the top of this email and “Add to VIPs”. Gmail users You need to put us to your primary inbox to make sure you receive […]

5 February 2019

Three Minute Squiz with Michelle_Zara_Shameless Podcast

Three Minute Squiz with… Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald

As far as guilty pleasures go, the Shameless podcast is like knocking off a whole block of Lindt salted caramel chocolate in one sitting. Pop culture (think Bachie/the Kardashians/Instagram) is just the starting point for conversations that can (and do) range across topics like feminism and social media self care. Zara McDonald (left) and Michelle […]

29 January 2019

Three Minute Squiz With… Larissa Moore

Larissa Moore is the latest addition to the Squiz team (there’s three of us now – how cool is that?). We’re pleased to introduce her to you now that she’s been with us for three months and the probation period has ended. Note: it was Claire and Kate on probation, not Larissa… We were lucky enough to nab her from former PM Malcolm Turnbull’s digital team after he left office in August last year and since then she’s been plugging away at getting our social media sorted out. Fun fact: she has nine siblings, which means she must be good with names…
Please welcome Larissa to The Squiz team, and to this week’s Three Minute Squiz. 

22 January 2019

Three Minute Squiz With… Annabelle Hickson

Although Annabelle Hickson has been a Squiz subscriber for some time, we only recently came aware of her when her fab podcast with Gillian Bell, Dispatch to a Friend, was selected by Apple (alongside The Squiz Today podcast, ahem) as one of the best of 2018. Please welcome Annabelle as she takes on our first Three Minute Squiz of 2019. 

8 January 2019