2019’s Who’s Who Of News

20 December 2019

To wind up the year in news, Streem have produced a ripper of an animated chart showing the evolution of the major newsmakers’ year as they appeared in Australia’s 20 leading news sites.

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Some observations: we love our sport; former Labor leader Bill Shorten’s fall in the rankings was almost as hard as it was in real life; and US President Donald Trump sure gets a lot of coverage here in Oz. You can check it out here.

Want to take a deeper look at the year in news in 2019? Have we got a Year In Review for you… Have a read of the biggest news stories of each month in 2019, and then test yourself on The Great Big Squiz Quiz 2019 – it’s 25 questions covering the big events of the year. Perfect for when you’ve run out of conversation… sorry… for when you want to bond even more with your family/friends/yourself over the Christmas period.

And then there are four other quizzes covering Aussie newsworld newssports news, and a look at the lighter side of life via our ‘Apropos of Nothing’ quiz. And if you enjoy – please share!

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