Gratuitous picture of Tucker

5 March 2019

Founding Squiz team member, and Claire’s best buddy, Tucker the Frenchie

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Three Minute Squiz with... Sonia Henry

Sonia Henry is a doctor who dabbles in writing in her spare time - though it's not exactly dabbling once your debut novel is published. In 2017, Sonia wrote an article about the extraordinary pressures placed on trainee doctors. It quickly went viral, and the conversations it started inspired her novel Going Under. We're pretty stoked she starts her day with The Squiz.

17 September 2019

Three Minute Squiz With... Annabelle Chauncy

Keen Squizer Annabelle Chauncy is a social entrepreneur who started a foundation to educate children in rural Uganda at just 21yo. And over the last decade, School for Life has grown to be a sizeable team that’s educated thousands of Ugandan kids. A country NSW kid and lawyer by training, Annabelle has won more awards […]

10 September 2019

Three Minute Squiz With... Jo Kadlecek

Jo Kadlecek is a part-time theatre-type. Not only has she co-founded her own theatre company, she’s written a play that will be featured at the upcoming Sydney Fringe Festival. Please welcome Jo to this week’s Three Minute Squiz. 

3 September 2019