Pamela Lawson’s Brownie Recipe

16 April 2019

Pamela, or Bundle as we know her (and she has a sister nicknamed Rocket – how cool is that…), is a really good cook. So when she says her go-to recipe is a good tasting winner, we believe her. 

300g dark cooking chocolate
250g butter
2 cups sugar
1 cup SR flour
Teaspoon vanilla paste
4 eggs

– Heat oven to 180C on Fan Bake.

– Melt the chocolate and butter in a pyrex jug or similar in the microwave  – usually takes about two minutes on high and then stir to combine.

– Add choc-butter mixture to the sugar in a mixing bowl and beat to combine. Add eggs, vanilla paste and sifted flour and beat until mixture lightens in colour.

– Pour/scrape mixture into a baking dish lined with baking paper. I use a roasting dish about 28cm x 35cm x 6cm deep.

– Cook for about 30 mins (maybe a bit longer) and test with a skewer – better underdone than overcooked…

– Cut into squares as cools… It may look a little messy but will taste good!

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