Digital love

By the end of this week, The Squiz will have been around for three months. Like all things that consume your every waking thought, it feels like a lot longer. Now that we’re up and running and getting the email out every day no sweat (knock on wood), I’m tackling the next phase of learning – all things digital.

As a social media user of medium intensity, I’ve personally enjoyed staying in touch with far-flung friends via Facebook and Instagram, and I’ve kept up with the insights of people I respect via Twitter. I thought I knew a bit about how these platforms worked. I didn’t. What I’ve learned in the past few weeks has been mind-blowing. And incredibly exciting.

Thanks to some generous friends and contacts I’m starting to see a path through the digital marketing landscape. We’re looking forward to trying some new things in these areas in the coming weeks. Some will work, some won’t. But we’re certainly having a go.

And we’ve handed over Instagram to Tucker the Frenchie – he’s quite opinionated.Follow us here for a bit of fun.

Happy Squiz’ing

~ Claire

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