If you’d told us five months ago that we’d be nicely settled into the uber early starts, we’d have said that would be impossible. But to our big surprise, we really are. And it’s incredible how quickly the time goes – 6.00am comes around very quickly. But we wouldn’t do it for anyone else – you’re a very special bunch.

We’re five months old this week and we were reflecting on some stuff we’ve learned:

  1. The age of austerity reigns at The Squiz. Our self-imposed spending ban on clothes and shoes has robbed us of one of life’s great joys – internet shopping. But there’s great satisfaction in using the stuff you already have. At least, that’s what we’re telling ourselves…
  2. It’s become clear in the last week that there are things we need to spend money on – like an eyebrow wax. That’s a situation that’s officially out of control.
  3. Many of you really like a recipe suggestion. So when we find something amazing that we’ve tested and love we’ll share it with you.

Again, thank you for all your support to get us to here. We’re so encouraged by your response to what we’re doing. We have a couple of new things we’ll be trying in the coming weeks that we think you’ll like.

We’re getting very close to hitting out 10,000 subscribers goal – anything you can do to help is so very much appreciated. The invite friends link is at the bottom of the email.


~ The Squiz

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