It’s our 4th birthday

And we’re totally stoked to be here, going strong. So in Squiz-style, we wanted to tell you 3 things about how we’re going, and what we’re thinking about for the future. For us, it remains to be about 3 things: Squizers, strengthening our commercial position, and opportunities for growth. 

• Squizers will always be the most important part of who we are and what we do. When we started in 2017, our email list was 1,000 of our contacts. Today, 60,000 people are signed up to receive the Squiz Today email, and tens of thousands more listen to the Squiz Today podcast each day – and they’re an incredible crew. We don’t have to tell you how brutal the digital world is, but Squizers are kind and thoughtful. We don’t take it for granted when you get in touch to tell us what you think about something we’ve done or said – 99 times out of 100 it’s respectful and considered. We know that’s rare, and thank you for it.

• On the dollars and cents, our commercial position is reliant on 2 factors, and the first is your continuing engagement with us. In truth, we’ve only continued on with The Squiz because you enjoy what we do, and the fact that you come back time and again to read an email or listen to one of our podcasts. If that weren’t the case, well, why bother? That engagement allows us to do the second thing, and that’s work with great commercial partners on advertising that we hope appeals to you. We’re grateful to our partners for their support because it means we can continue on this crazy ride – and we’d love more, so get in touch if you’re looking to communicate with an awesome audience.

• Which takes up neatly to growth. The thing to know about the Squiz is that we’re ambitious. We asked you, and you’ve told us that you want quality news, information and timesaving recommendations from someone you trust. You don’t want to be told what to think, and you want to be able to access that content when and how it suits you. We’re SO on board for that, so we’re going to keep plugging away at being your partner in that endeavour.

The Squiz team is growing – we now have 5 full-timers and 5 part-time/casuals/contractors. It’s a small but mighty team. Thanks goes to Kate Watson, Larissa Moore, Lara Robertson, Genevieve Chan, Simone Ziaziaris, Bryce Corbett, Amanda Bower, Greg Elliott, Gemma Ryan for their effort and creativity.

It’s also good to reflect on how far we’ve come. At the start of 2020, we had Squiz Today and Squiz Shortcuts. Since then, we’ve added Squiz Kids and Sport Today – and we’re working on doing more.

So thank you for your part in getting us to the 4-year mark. We literally could not have done it without you… Oh, and please invite everyone you know to subscribe to the email or check out a podcast – it’s so crucial to how we grow.

Go well, Claire Kimball (Founder)

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