The 2020 Squiz Recipe Round Up

If there’s one thing we know about you lot, it’s that you enjoy a good recipe recommendation. Which suits us, because we like giving them… Rounded up into one easy page, here’s what we were cooking each month of 2020.

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Nigella Lawson’s emergency brownies
Who wants to live for an extra decade anyway?

Louis Tikaram’s cucumber and snow pea salad
Squiz tip: We had this with some grilled fish. We went a bit light on the dressing, but you do you.

Kylie Kwong’s Chinese New Year good luck salad (yee sang)  

Matt Moran’s mango vanilla slice 



Karen Martini’s Baked blue-eye with olive, lemon and spiced rice pilaf
Squiz tip: We used salmon when we made it. Delish.

Chocolate, raspberry & buttermilk cake 


Chicken pot pie
Note: no pastry making required…

Sour cherry and almond cake

Squiz tip: Top with a squeeze of lemon and light sprinkle of sugar. Simples.


Nigella Lawson’s pea soup
Squiz tip: don’t worry about the fuss with the Thermos because let’s face it, you’re not going anywhere… Just put the water in a pot and go for it.

Sri Lankan fish curry

Matt Moran’s roast pumpkin with lentils, tahini and za’atar
Squiz tip: Sub out the kale (aka Satan’s tongue) for baby spinach leaves.

Mum’s Anzac Biscuit recipe
But if you want to be a bit fancier, why not try an Apple Anzac Pie?


Adam Liaw’s sticky ginger roast chicken
Squiz tip: Do the butterfly thing (it’s not too hard…) or use chicken pieces. It’s literally a winner winner chicken dinner.

Simple lemon caper sauce
Squiz tip: We add an anchovy to ours just ‘cos. Extra nice with white fish/chicken/pork too.


Osso Bucco 
Squiz tip: Don’t skip the gremolata

Rhubarb, lime and coconut slice 

Gordon Ramsay’s spiced baked porridge (written version here)

Adam Liaw’s slow-cooked beef ribs
Squiz tip: We made them into tacos


Clearly we’re in the kitchen a lot more in the cooler months…

Martha Stewart’s buffalo chicken wings

Cottage Pie

Perfect cheese scones

Martha Stewart’s classic grilled chicken breasts 

Karen Martini’s charred broccoli and shallot salad

Olive oil and zucchini bread


Golden syrup puddings 

Hellenic Republic’s Cypriot grain salad
Squiz tip: We had it with some roast lamb.

New York cheesecake
Squiz tip: We topped it with fresh blueberries instead of passionfruit just after the top layer cooled. Delish.

Jamie Oliver’s minestrone soup
Squiz tip: We skipped the chestnuts last time, but if you get a chance to procure some, do. They’re yum.


Slow-cooked lamb shanks in red wine sauce 

Fish tacos

Lemon almond butter cake 

Danielle Alvarez’s lemony chicken stew


Karen Martini’s roast chicken on baked rice 
Squiz tip: We like ours with a sharp salad and some Greek yoghurt with lemon, mint and a little garlic. Yum.

Beetroot salad with barley and hazelnut
Squiz tip: It’s super good with a lamb or pork chop. Or even a takeaway BBQ chook if it’s been that kinda day. 

Our favourite edamame dip 

Jill Dupleix’s spag bol and buttermilk scones


Chicken souvlaki bowls with halloumi 

Our favourite blueberry muffins 

Chicken salad with asparagus and quinoa

Chorizo panzanella 


Hot buttered lobster roll

Horseradish cream oysters

Potato and pickle salad

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