Three Minute Squiz With… Kylie Merritt

Kylie Merritt is the CEO of newly-launched TV and digital channel Your Money. She started her career in journalism and is now on the commercial side of media. A Canberra-gal, she’s always good for a chat and a vino (“cool climate Chardonnay please”). We’re thrilled she has found time in launch week to join us for the Three Minute Squiz.

Where and how do you Squiz?
Usually as soon as it hits my inbox because I’m already reading emails and other news sites in bed (my no phones in the bedroom resolution lasted about 24 hours).

You’ve been in media your whole career – you’ve been a journo, you’ve moved into digital, you’ve sold ads. That makes you well placed to tell us what the major challenges are in media right now?
It’s not rocket science; the available audience isn’t growing as fast as the available content, throw in the impact of Google and Facebook on the ad dollar universe and you really do have to do a lot more with less. Technology has been a fundamental disruptor but on the upside it feels like the industry is finding its feet again. If you’re smart, agile and truly care about getting the content right there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

A joint venture between Australian News Channel (Sky News) and Nine, Your Money will focus on finance and business news. A sometimes dry subject, what is the plan to make business and financial reporting interesting?
Who says it’s dry?! I love a bond yield curve discussion as much as the next person, but we recognise pure finance reporting can be a bit niche. What Your Money will be offering, particularly once the market closes, is exactly what it says on the tin. Whether it’s on TV or digital, it’s about money and all the ways you can invest it, protect it and also spend it. Your Money Live at 6pm each weeknight (AEST) will have a similar feel to breakfast TV but with content about money – think shares, real estate, cars, holidays… the list is endless.

Why should people care about the corporate sector?
The corporate sector isn’t some big homogeneous being existing somewhere in a vacuum, for better or worse it’s entwined with almost every aspect of how we live and importantly how we’ll live in retirement. I’m going to paraphrase a line here from Ticky Fullerton who’s probably interviewed more CEOs than any other broadcaster in Australia. Corporate news isn’t about the numbers, it’s about the people making the decisions – their vision, their acumen, their ethics, how they treat employees. People should care because it absolutely impacts their lives.

If there was one business leader you’d like to land for an interview on the channel, who would it be?
For ratings, probably Mark Zuckerberg but with my journalist hat on I’d love to hear from Michael Burry. Ten years on I’m still fascinated by how the GFC unfolded.

Name four people, living or dead, you would host at your dream dinner party?
Nancy Wake, Amy Poehler, Walt Disney and anyof the Penfolds clan – on the basis they’ll show up with a case of Grange.

And what are you eating, and drinking?
I joined the Thermomix cult about six years ago and found an amazing recipe for a dill duck curry, which I think is Sri Lankan. There’d be some kind of lemon tart for dessert and we’d be drinking Grange of course (see above).

You’re a bit of tech nerd – what’s one app you love?
It’s a toss-up between Slack and Rain Parrot.

What’s your worst and best habit?
Worst – going whole days forgetting to drink water and spending way too much time on my phone.
Best – I (nearly) always respond to emails in a timely manner.

What’s your ideal weekend?
Breakfast out with the family, bike riding with my son Tom and dinner with a few families at someone (else’s) house.

What would you say is the most overrated virtue?
Temperance. Has its benefits, but it’s pretty boring.

What is the quality you most value in a friend?
I haven’t given this thought until now but subconsciously I must seek out humour, all my friends are funny. Some are even hilarious.

What is the most overlooked news story of the moment?
I don’t think much is overlooked, it’s a question of what you choose to watch or read with the time you have.

You can find Your Money online, on free-to-air channel 95 or Foxtel channel 601.

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