Three Minute Squiz with… Sue Cato

She’s the founder and principal of Cato Counsel (the go-to advisory firm for corporate Australia), a collector of contemporary art and a woman of exquisite taste (as evidenced by her enthusiastic reading of The Squiz). Sue Cato submits herself to the Three Minute Squiz.

Where and how do you Squiz?
First squiz of The Squiz is when I get out of the pool at 7am. I have a quick look on my Blackberry for important info then have a more leisurely look on my desktop after I get dechlorinated.

What was the first concert you ever went to?
The Seekers but I was dragged along. My first fan experience was ABBA.

And the first album you ever owned?
Suzi Quatro 1973. I loved Devil Gate Drive. Yes eclectic…

Where were you born?
Darlinghurst NSW.

Name four people – living or dead – you’d kill to sit down to dinner with.
Gaius Julius Caesar and his mother Aurelia. And some lost friends.

Your favourite writers?
Once again It’s a broad church Wilfred Owens to Annie Proulx to Colleen McCullough.

You are an enthusiastic collector of contemporary Australian artists. If we had some dosh to splash who should we be collecting right now?
Art you love! Forget the names and find works that stick in your mind and you want to live with.

What skill or talent do you not have but wish you did?
Languages as a start!

Which historical figure do you most identify with?
I could get into so much trouble here Let’s just say I like the way Caesar captured his time and campaigns by writing it from his perspective.

The best piece of advice your mother/father gave you?
It was more leading by example My mother did whatever had to be done. If an electrical fuse blew she replaced it. She didn’t wait for my father to come home.

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?
You stumped me with this one.

What’s your worst and best habit?
According to my husband – worst the time I start each morning.
Best according to me – the time I start each morning.

Which is your favourite museum in the world?

What qualities do you most value in a friend?
Loyalty and compassion.

What’s your go-to dinner party menu when you’re trying to impress, but also trying to look a bit casual?
Prawn cocktail, eye fillet steak with everything, followed by home-made ice cream.

What would you say is the most currently overlooked news story Australians should know about but don’t?
Youth mental health issues and what we need to do as a community to provide any and all support we can.

You’ve worked with more CEOs than we’ve had glasses of sav blanc. And that’s a lot. What would you say is the most important attribute to be successful in business? We’re asking for a friend…
The ability to adapt and thrive amongst change and a big dose of humanity doesn’t go astray.

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