“We’d like to thank our sponsors…”

You would have seen the ad in the email today and it’s a pretty big milestone for us at The Squiz.

When we started out on this adventure seven months ago – in our PJs, at the keyboard every morning from 3.00am with Tucker the Frenchie for company – we couldn’t imagine how we would make this work.

But here we are today – in our PJs, at the keyboard every morning at 3.00am with Tucker the Frenchie for company – but with advertising! You can’t imagine how happy our bank manager is…

Going forward, you’ll intermittently find a message from advertisers in your morning email. We’re being very picky about it because we’ve resolved to only to partner with sponsors who are a good fit.

So for the next few of months we’re going to be trialling a couple of things:

1. Messages from companies and brands who want to communicate directly with you. Because who wouldn’t – you’re awesome.

2. Highlighting products and offers we think you might like. Because we want to save you some time and hassle (and occasionally some money) by highlighting stuff we think is the biz.

We probably won’t get it right every time, but we will be upfront about it. And we’d love your feedback so we can improve so send us a note to [email protected] if there’s something you’d like to pass on to us.

We’re so pleased that we’re heading down a road where we can continue to do what we love doing which is to provide you with a free shortcut to being informed.

But none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for you, faithful Squizer. So thank you.

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