/ 08 October 2021

A new season of our favourite British police drama, the best all-rounder tee, and a French pizza…

Image source: RecipeTin Eats
Image source: RecipeTin Eats

Confession time: we were a bit excited that the new season of Grantchester popped up on ABC last Saturday night. A British police/clerical sleuth drama set in the 1950s, we’ve watched all 5 seasons during the pandemic. The first 2 seasons are on Binge.

Now that warm days are here, it’s time to refresh the t-shirt pile, and this is our favourite all-rounder*. The fabric’s good, it washes well, and while there’s room and length, it doesn’t swamp you. You’re welcome…

We’re really into DIY flatbreads/pizza ATM, and this delighted last weekend. French and seemingly fancy, it’s totes easy. And who doesn’t like serving up something that looks hard but isn’t?

*If you buy using this link, The Squiz might get a little commission.

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