/ 10 September 2021

Friday Lites – 10 September 2021

Image source: Unsplash
Image source: Unsplash

We spent some time this week immersed in this New Yorker long readCrowded House. It’s not about the band… It’s about a once-famous American photographer Michael Tammaro, who starts scamming prospective renters after falling into hard times. It’s one helluva story.  

If you’re riding the Ted Lasso bus all the way to Feel Good Town, swing by Little America after you’ve had your fix. Also on Apple TV, it’s a gentle, smart, funny, based-on-true-stories tribute to those who have adopted the US as their home. Firm recommend.

Far out brussels sprout – is what we said when we ate a plate of these little green suckers with parmesan, lemon and anchovy. You’ll convince the most sceptical with this side-dish pleaser. After all, experts say it’s all in the way you cook ‘em…

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