News Club / 16 April 2024

A reporter’s perspective on covering Israel’s war on Hamas

At The Squiz, we spend a lot of time and effort ensuring we read widely from trusted sources and putting aside our own biases to give you the best possible information. Every now and then, there is a news topic that is particularly challenging – and Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza is one of those.

To have a chance of getting across what’s going on requires wading through layers of historical context, confronting deeply distressing scenes, and wrangling reams of information from a variety of sources – some with heavy agendas. That means we’re curious about how this war is being covered and the logistics of reporting on a war. 

So, this week’s News Club podcast episode is an interview with Adam Harvey. He is a reporter with ABC TV’s 7.30 and was their Middle East and South East Asia correspondent. He has also done stints with Sky News and won awards for his work reporting in Syria.

Throughout this conversation, Adam talks about his experience of being a journalist working in the Middle East, and how different it was when he returned late last year. He explains how journalists get their information and the important role of a ‘fixer’, and we ask him whether he would ever have thought the events of 7 October were possible and if he is surprised by Israel’s response.

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