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Squiz Today Podcast

Published each weekday at 6:00am

In a matter of minutes, the Squiz Today podcast will get you across the news headlines.

The Squiz Today news podcast is designed to fit into your morning routine - perfect for the commute, the gym, or in the shower. No judgement... 


Saturday Squiz

Published each Saturday at 7:00am

Your shortcut to being informed, weekend style

The original Squiz Today team, Claire Kimball and Kate Watson, lift the lid on the news conversations they're been having throughout the week. Plus, a look at what’s coming up in the week ahead and Squiz Recommends - the things we’re reading, listening and watching at Squiz HQ.

Squiz Shortcuts Podcast Tile

Squiz Shortcuts

Published each Thursday at 6:00am

Weekly deep dive into big news topics

Each week we'll give you a shortcut to a big news topic. Each 10 minute episode will give you the backstory and context to get you across topical events, big personalities, and complex situations. 

Squiz Kids Podcast Tile

Squiz Kids

Published each weekday at 7:00am

A news podcast, just for kids

In just a few minutes, we give kids (and their adults) a rundown on the big news events delivered free of opinion, and with positivity and humour. Designed to slip easily into your morning routine, and a big hit in classrooms around Australia. Squiz Kids is for kids aged 8-12.

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