/ 16 September 2021

A drag queen fly, keeping feral cows udder control, and survivalist snakes…

Image source: CSIRO
Image source: CSIRO

CSIRO researchers have named a new species of soldier fly found in Queensland the ‘Opaluma RuPaul’. Inspired by the American drag queen, they say the “glamazon” bug has “legs for days”.

With thousands of feral buffalo and cattle thought to be roaming around the Top End, a new program called SpaceCows is helping Indigenous land management groups to protect sacred sites. It uses satellite data to predict where the animals are going so the groups can get ahead of the herd.

We know dinosaurs famously died out 66 million years ago when an asteroid hit the Earth. But a new study reckons snakes owe their success to that very same asteroid, which they say saw the resilient creatures spread across the Earth. Talk about a lose/lose situation…

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