/ 15 September 2021

A toilet for cows, resurrecting the woolly mammoth, and going under the microscope…

Image source: Getty
Image source: Getty

Kiwi researchers have created what they’ve called the MooLoo, which is a toilet for cows. Obviously. It’s designed to capture and dispose of cow urine before it turns into nitrous oxide, which is not good.

A team of Harvard researchers are trying to resurrect the woolly mammoth. It sounds like science fiction, but they’re hoping to use genetic engineering to create a living elephant-mammoth hybrid that is visually indistinguishable from its extinct prototype.

The Nikon Small World contest has crowned the best microscopic images for 2021. Making the cut: a pregnant flea, a snail’s rainbow tongue, and the skeleton of a bat embryo. Check out the winning pics here.

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