/ 01 July 2021

Dogs on planes, a Vogue cover, and Di’s car

US First Lady Dr Jill Biden is rocking the cover of the latest edition of American Vogue. She’s the “driven, tireless, effortlessly popular” wife of Joe Biden, who is a “goddess” and “a joy multiplier”, the deeply probing article says. And look, it might have been mentioned that Michelle Obama was also afforded the honour while Melania Trump was not…

The Ford Escort given to Princess Diana by her soon-to-be-husband Prince Charles has been sold at auction for $96,000. We do not believe it will feature in her soon-to-be-unveiled statue on the anniversary of her 60th birthday.

Also getting due recognition: puppers. Aussies might soon be able to take their beloved dogs into the cabins of commercial flights if the pilot says it’s ok. Which is just one step away from finding Australia’s version of Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt

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