/ 19 August 2021

Storming castles, penguin dads, and growing brain cells

Twenty protesters yesterday entered Edinburgh Castle and laid out their plan to seize it for the people of Scotland under article 61 of the Magna Carta. From our recall of Year 7 history, that’s the bit about giving individuals the right to reject what is unfairly imposed upon them by governments that aren’t abiding by the common law. We didn’t look that up, honest… They were moved on by police for failing to pay the fee to enter the grounds.

Making a splash at Melbourne’s Sea Life aquarium are 2 hot couples: Tiger and Branston, and Jones and Klaus. All boys, they are loved up and ready for a family. Happy nesting, fellas…

Scientists have grown brain cells in the dish that have been prompted to “sort of” grow eyes. Yeah, we’re done here…

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