/ 30 September 2021

Aussie’s Trump interview gets an Emmy, a conceptual art theft, and eating ‘mom’s spaghetti’…

Image source: EPA
Image source: EPA

Aussie journo Jonathan Swan yesterday won an Emmy for his epic Axios interview last year with then-President Donald Trump. And gee his dad was proud

Rapper, actor and producer Eminem has opened an Italian restaurant in his hometown of Detroit. Its name is Mom’s Spaghetti… Connoisseurs of his music will know that’s a reference to the vomit on his sweater as he was trying to lose himself in the music/the moment.

Speaking of confronting project names, Danish artist Jens Haaning has pocketed $115,000 from an art museum and left them with 2 blank canvases. The title of his “conceptual artwork”? Take the Money And Run

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