/ 22 December 2021

Boofhead the croc snags a catch, scientists launch the chicken cannon, and the biggest big that ever lived…

Image source: Magnums
Image source: Magnums

‘Boofhead’ the 4-metre crocodile  – named for his “wide, ugly head” – is a local celebrity in Far North Queensland’s Proserpine. But last weekend, Boofhead became a legend after stealing a local fisherman’s catch. At least it was just a shark… 

Plane and passenger safety is jeopardised by mid-air collisions with birds. So experts in Canada use a novel device to test a plane’s structure – behold the ‘chicken cannon’.

And palaeontologists have discovered a fossil of a giant millipede found on a beach in northern England that they say is the “biggest bug that ever lived”. They reckon it was 55cm wide, 2.63m long, and 50kg heavy = what nightmares are made of.

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