/ 20 September 2021

Civilians return to earth, protecting the world’s tallest tree, and the shrinking giants…

Image source: Inspiration4
Image source: Inspiration4

After their 3-day tour, SpaceX’s Inspiration4 adventurers landed safely off the Florida coast yesterday. The voyage that has heralded in a new era of space travel is the latest in a year of spaceflight milestones. “We’re just getting started,” said 38yo billionaire voyager Jared Isaacman.

Fires continue to threaten part of California, and firefighters have had to get innovative to protect the world’s largest tree by wrapping its base in protective foil. Standing 83m tall, the General Sherman Tree is a sequoia, and authorities hope they have done enough to save it as flames approached the area overnight.

Speaking of tall, the Dutch have long been the world’s tallest people, but they are getting shorter. To explain, the people aren’t shrinking… A new study shows Dutch men born in 2001 were 1cm shorter than those born in 1980, while women were 1.4cm shorter. The reason? Short people immigrating and mucking up their tall genes.

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