/ 19 August 2021

Eight arms, three hearts, can’t lose…


According to new research from Cambridge Uni, cuttlefish have a large brain and can remember what, where and when specific things happened right up to their old age – which is 2yo… The study subjected 24 cuttlefish to memory tests: half were ‘teenagers’ (10-12 months old), and half were ‘elderly’ (22-24 months). Unlike humans, cuttlefish don’t have a hippocampus – the part of the brain that deteriorates with age and causes memory loss. Instead, researchers say cuttlefish have a “vertical lobe” associated with learning and memory, which they use to make decisions about feeding and mating. With its blue-green blood, regenerating limbs, self-camouflage and ability to exert self-control, we’ll be thinking twice next time it’s on the menu at our local Italian…

Image source: Unsplash

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