/ 26 July 2022

Foxes foil Scholz’s unshredded documents, Posh Spice hits the karaoke and gassy Christmas ham…

Image source: Flickr
Image source: Flickr

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has received a dressing down after sensitive documents marked ‘confidential’ were found strewn outside his home after foxes got into his bins. Unlike the papers, he’s been shredded in the press. 

Victoria Beckham has been captured singing karaoke to one of her former group’s greatest hits, Stop. Although just like in the 90s, it’s hard to hear her sing…

And a British man is suing the operator of a Christmas market for $350,000, claiming a salmonella-infected ham roll he bought from a stall in 2017 has left him unable to stop farting. We’re not sure if that one’s a new high or low for us, but there it is.

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