/ 29 September 2021

First Aussie tourist heads to space, forgoing the crown for love, and the weirdest fashion trends of 2021

Image source: Getty
Image source: Getty

After nagging the good people at Blue Origin for the longest time, Sydney-born venture capitalist Chris Boshuizen is set to become the 3rd Aussie to visit space. Jeff Bezos’s space venture is launching a new mission next month and Boshuizen’s possible crewmate is Captain Kirk himself

Japanese Princess Mako will forgo a $1.85 million payment so she can get on and marry uni classmate Kei Komuro. The least he can do is give up the ponytail

Do you know your E-Girl from your Y2K? What about your Pastel-Goth from your Grandmacore? They’re the latest fashion tribes. And we’re taking it personally that a group based on old tracksuit pants is not an option…

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