/ 07 October 2021

Korean enters the English lexicon, ‘genius’ dogs, and a pygmy seahorse gets a Māori name…

Image source: Irene Middleton
Image source: Irene Middleton

From Squid Game to K-pop, it’s fair to say Korean culture is having a bit of a moment. So it’s no surprise the Hallyu (Korean wave) has reached the Oxford English Dictionary – it’s added 26 words of Korean origin to the latest edition.

A tiny pygmy seahorse discovered off New Zealand’s north coast has been given a Māori name: cylix tupareomanaia. The ‘manaia’ part is the Māori name for a seahorse. It’s thought to be the first time an indigenous group has formally named a new animal species.

A study of 6 “genius” dogs found they could remember the names of more than 100 different toys. Fluffy has some work to do…

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