/ 07 June 2022

Labradors enter the danger zone, humpback whale populations boom, and the mystery of giraffes’ necks solved


Labradors have moved into the 5th spot for dangerous dog registrations on the Gold Coast City Council. The lab is a popular family breed, but some are having a hard time adjusting to life after pandemic restrictions and all the socialising that comes with it.

Humpback whale populations are booming, and heaps of ’em have been spotted along the east coast ahead of the peak watching season later this month. Conservationists say it’s a “wonderful success story”, but the work to protect them isn’t done.

It’s long been theorised that giraffes evolved their long necks to reach food up high, but new fossils unearthed in China of their sheep-sized prehistoric ancestor revealed the boys’ penchant for fighting with their heads and necks probably saw them elongate over time. Weirdos…

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