/ 29 September 2021

Meet your crypto investment adviser…

Image source: Goxx Capital
Image source: Goxx Capital

His name is Mr Goxx, and he’s a cryptocurrency trading hamster, obviously… Named after crypto exchange Mt Gox (which filed for bankruptcy after nearly US$500 million worth of Bitcoin was stolen from its accounts), he’s the pet of an anonymous German man. And he’s beating human investors from his special trading office. Mr Goxx has a pretty simple process: he runs to his “intention wheel” to pick a cryptocurrency and then goes through one of 2 tunnels: one for buy, one for sell. And look, it’s not been all smooth sailing… He had a rough first month of trading in June, but he was getting returns rivalling some big names in investment by September. You can follow him on Twitter, check him out on video, and note the disclaimer… 

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